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 Ann d'Cor (Ana), is a tattooist currently based in the heart of Lisbon, Portugal. 

 She was always passionate about art and skulls, starting to work in a tattoo shop in Portugal as a body-piercer/shop manager, eventually been taken as an apprentice, while apprentishipping she moved to London (UK) where she attended Uni while trying to get better at tattooing.

After univercity, she worked at Haunted Tattoos where she developed a 'creepy cute' style that she carries out through her work to this day.

Ann don't consider herself as a specilist in any particular style but she found herself lost and amazed by the 'portuguese tiles', trying to create new tiles that will do justice to this magnificent piece of portuguese culture, trying as well to give them a little bit of her touch.

   If you have any enquiries about Ann d'Cor or about getting tattooed, just use the contact form. If not, only one last thing to say:

'Long live the skull'

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Thank you for your enquiry! I will try to reply back as soon as I can!

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