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Ink Vibrations 2015

This was my first ever tattoo convention where I would be tattooing and I cannot tell you how anxious I was before it started. This was in June at beautiful Lisbon, Portugal. Me and my partner arrived early on Friday 19th June to prepare the stall and before I knew it, it had began! This was how my stall looked like:

I felt a hapinness that I can't really explain thay moment, when everything I had worked hard for was finally showing the fruits of my labour.

The first day was a little quiet but I managed to see so many good friends and people who I admire a lot as a tattooist. The rest of the days were quite busy and the 'bzzzz' of the tattoo machines non-stop, you could see so much art in the venue.

I was busy tattooing but managed to catch a little from the show of 'The Fuel Girls'... unfortunately, I couldn't take any pictures of them! These are pictures taken by my partner although he was focusing more on me while working!

This little guy was alone while the prizes where been given and I honestly felt like I had to take a picture of him... isn't he beautiful?

Anyway... I managed to work and spend some quality time with people like Sulieé Pepper, who for me is one of my favorite tattooist of all time. She mainly does aquarelle work and she won 1st Prize on Saturday for this amazing tattoo, isn't she brilliant?

Well, this is all I have to say really about the convention and I can't wait to tell you other adventures of mine in the future!

So here's a few pictures of my work during the convention!

The last thing I wanted to do is to thank my 2nd family at Pedrada Tattoo, more specifically Theo Pedrada and Carlos Amorim (from Familia Amorim) for believing in me and allowing me to fulfil one of biggest dreams! Much love for you all, Ann xx

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